What New World needs to be Great

Amazon is a company well known for satisfying your shopping needs, with a product lineup that ranges from A to Z. What once started as a bookstore back in 1994, Amazon has now become a multi conglomerate juggernaut. Though mostly known for being the largest online marketplace, Amazon has its business in many industries – from physical retail, digital streaming services, cloud computing, and much more.

Amazon currently has its sights on another industry – the beloved video game industry. New World represents Amazon’s first major step into developing and selling video games on the market. Thus, the release and possible success of Amazon’s “The New World” could make or break Amazon’s foray into the video game industry.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what Amazon needs to get right for The New World to succeed.

State of the Art Dedicated Servers

Without a doubt, the most important thing for any game like this would be the best servers. Server quality can make or break a player base. Seeing that the focus of “New World” is on PvP and large conquest battles, having a dedicated servers to handle all the action is needed.

Bad servers (among other issues) is what almost killed the original release of Final Fantasy XIV. With Amazon’s large background in cloud computing – this should be a piece of cake.

A rewarding grind

Though the word “grind” sounds like a bad thing, the grind is a crucial aspect of any game. A good game can make the grind feel worthwhile – just take a look at Monster Hunter and Stardew Valley.

Fair priced in-game transactions

Of course this might be a difficult game to balance. Considering that

Balanced In-Game Economies

The New World will be set in an alternate fantasy of the 17th century. Players join the world as privateers, explorers, or colonists looking to exploit the resources of Aeternum. With that in mind, it would make sense that trading and buying and selling loot will play a big part in the game’s economy.

MMO economies however are fragile things. These economies can be stable at launch, but as months pass they can easily collapse. Videogames don’t have governments that can regulate the printing/generation of money. And if there were – that would make loot systems impossible in video games.

To prevent overinflation of goods in “New World’s” economy, Amazon Game Studios need to find ways to take money out. Repair costs, taxes, death costs, expensive consumables, etc. are example ways Amazon Game studios can integrate this in the game.

By Kyle Guevarra

Kyle has always been doing odds and ends. A self-proclaimed poet, a drunk content writer, and an out-of-this world cook, he enjoys playing video games in his down time and exploring whatever hobby catches his eye. You'll find him on Instagram @kylechristang, trying to stave off his coffee addiction.

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