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Total War Saga: Troy Will be Free

Total War games have always been a major player in the market. Generally, a Total War game will seek hundreds of thousands within the first week. Ove the years Total War brand became something much more. The series is still true to its roots to some degree same mechanics are perfected over the years. Sometimes the setting might not be very interesting, but the gameplay is still there. Total War series is nearly developing one game per year and they are huge games with lots of fans from around the world. Their new game A Total War Saga: Troy might be a bigger hit than expected.

The Saga games within the Total War community are not taken very seriously since they are a bit smaller than regular games. A Total War Saga Troy is promising to bring us back o the ancient times were heroes of old fought in the Trojan War. The Gameplay will be depending on Homer’s Illiad of course. One of the oldest Epic’s around the world depicts the war between Achaeans and Trojans in the Trojan War. The gameplay is not filled with supernatural powers it differs from the books since it is hard to pinpoint the existence of Minotaurs in reality. But there are some supernatural effects on it., like offering prayers to Gods to get boons.


A Total War Saga: Troy release date is August 13th, 2020. The game will be free in the first 24 hours at Epic Games Store. Also, it will be exclusive on Epic Games Store for a year. Epic Games Store is trying to end the domination of Steam in the market but they are spending way too money to do this. Last year they announced minus in the books since they were spending way too much money on exclusives. Also, Steam is getting another partner soon with EA Access offered on Steam this will be an extraordinary thing since Steam and Origin did not come side by side for some time. 

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Let us get back to Troy. The game will be heavily dependent on infantry rather than mounted units. There are some mounted units but compared to the infantry they are super low. The reason for this is the era of the game. Players will have to adjust their soldiers for the terrain as well since a muddy terrain can slow down your units. This and many more new features will be tested in this game. Saga games are actually good testers for future games. Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia was the same, most things were checked in there and applied later on to Warhammer 2.

Total War Saga: Troy
Total War Saga: Troy

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Trojan war is about heroes these heroes are maybe the first heroes that we had a chance to hear in history. From Achilles to Hector there are many different heroes in the game. The heroes will be extremely important throughout your game. They will have abilities as well since they can fight for so long and need to duel. Their abilities aren’t going to very supernatural like in the Warhammer series. However, there will be some elements close to that. Heroes might win you battles depending on how you use then. Just like every Total War Game, it is important to eliminate the enemy hero before they eliminate you. Since this will cause a massive moral reduction.

Total War Saga: Troy
Total War Saga: Troy

Total War Saga: Troy does look like an interesting addition to the series. The game does look different than other Total War games with its art style and units. Troy was a very unique part of our history as mankind and it will be nice to see it in games once again. The game is a very different representation of the Trojan War and tries to explain the old tales in a way. For example, minotaurs are a man in a bull costume. Total War Saga: Troy is showing us a forgotten part of history with great gameplay and it is free in the first 24 hours so mark your calendars for August 13, 2020.

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