Midweek Newsroom: Total War Saga, Valorant beta access, and more!

Welcome back to the Midweek Newsroom, article series where we take a look at the hottest topics and trending news in the world of gaming! Why spend an hour of your day manually sifting through all the articles, when we can give you the freshest highlights of the week right here! In this week of […]

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How to Fix Minecraft: Dungeons Crashes, Errors, Freezing

And so, you’ve sharpened your iron sword and managed to craft yourself a couple of arrows for the journey. The quest to defeat the Arch Illager will be a long one – but will be a glorious journey. Are you ready to delve into the dungeon, and face hordes of enemies? Spiders, creepers, dastardly necromancers […]

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7 facts you should know about: Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft has taken the world by storm. Even if it’s blocky style won’t win any photorealism awards – the creative sandbox mechanics, resource management collection in Minecraft keep players coming back for more. So when Mojang announced Minecraft: Dungeons – the fan base was quite surprised. A new game set in the “Minecraft Universe”? And […]