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Rumor: Bloodborne for PC and PS5 could be happening

It seems that there is some strong evidence to suggest that Bloodborne for PC could indeed be happening, with a couple of strong points to back it.

The rumors of Bloodborne for PC is an almost annual practice now. This year seems to be different but also the same. Over the years, many insiders and authority in the gaming industry have claimed that the renowned title will make its way to the PC, but never happened. This year seems slightly different than others.

Bloodborne for PC seems to be getting another teaser this year.

Ever since its release in 2015, fans of the Dark Souls series were disappointed to learn that Bloodborne would take a page from 2009’s Demons Souls and stay a PlayStation exclusive. The second From Software title in the newly formed SoulsBorne genre to be confined to a single platform.

Yes, the game is available via PlayStation Now to stream and play, but it’s still not an official PC version, rather a PS4 version streamed to your desktop.

It seems that this year could be different as we have two reports to corroborate the theory.

The first comes from a Twitch Streamer by the name of CaseyExplosion. She ran a small competition on twitter where she invited people to give proof to her about the existence of Bloodborne on the PC, and the reward would be a $110 donation to benefit the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

It seems someone gave her good enough reason to affirm her belief that the game is indeed coming to the PC, but the announcement was supposed to take place on Sony’s June 4th announcement. The latter was postponed out of respect for George Floyd’s memorial service, set to take place the same day.

She also adds that From Software is not handling the porting of the title, but it seems that the studio handling the porting is one with a good track record.

In addition, Wario64 also posted a tweet for a PlayStation Now Deal, but does recommend waiting a bit more.

Prior to the tweet by Wario64, he retweeted the tweet from CaseyExplosion. So it could be he is also using secondary information.

Another interesting aspect here, although very old now, is the appearance of the Old Hunters DLC showing up in GOG Galaxy, the launcher for Good Old Games. The listing was posted by Shpeshal_Ed on Twitter.

Before you dismiss the GOG Launcher theory, keep in mind that the same twitter account also posted the Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition on December 15, 2019. Almost 3 months before the official announcement on March 10, 2020.

Here is a screenshot of The Old Hunter listing on GOG Galaxy launcher.

It wouldn’t make sense to just release the DLC for The Old Hunters all by itself, and considering GOG Galaxy told us that Horizon Zero Dawn was coming to the PC almost 3 months before the original announcement, this is pretty convenient timing.

For now, it’s best to wait for an official announcement from Sony. Under the current circumstances in the United States, it is unlikely we will get the PS5 event any time soon, but if fans have waited 5 years for Bloodborne for PC, another few weeks is a simple trip the bonfire.

By Rizwan Anwer

As an avid gamer, video games are a big part of my life. I enjoy talking about the world of console games and the industry with great interest! I also enjoy diving into the deeper aspects of video games and discussing underlying themes, ideas, and all that goes into making a remarkable video game.

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