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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave Melusi is Overpowered

Rainbow Six Siege is branded as a tactical shooter. While this is true the game also has some hero shooter mechanics with each operator having a specific and unique ability. These abilities are varied and generally there are counters for them in the game. This is what makes the game so complicated because you and your team need to think about the possible operators needed for specific objectives. For example, in Chalet map if you are defending the garage you will need a Bandit or at least a Kaid in order to defend it against hard breaches. If you are attacking you will need Thermite and Hibana. In reality some operators will improve your chance of winning the round greatly.

Ela Issue in The Past

This is what makes Rainbow Six Siege unique and fun. However, over the last few seasons the operators we have seen were either problematic or downright not good. This was because of one operator in the game making a huge impact. Ela came with Operation health and she was the only operator that did not come in pairs. Ela created such a problem that Ubisoft took a step back when they are releasing operators. She had a laser gun with 50 bullets when she was realized, also equipped with impact grenades while she was a thin 3-speed operator. Also her gadget was nearly uncounterable and very easy to use. Even if she was eliminated early in the round her gadget was still effective. This created such a huge problem Ela got nerfed several times.

Rainbow Six Siege Ela
Rainbow Six Siege Ela

By the looks of it Rainbow Six Siege developers Ubisoft learned from their mistake and the operators that was released later were not as powerful as Ela. Yes there was some problems for example with Clash. Last Season the new operators had one of the lowest pick rates in all the operators. Oryx and Iana were very different operators from the usual ones. Their utilities were exceptionally situational. This created a whole range of issues since the operators are the only new things in the season as the maps are reworks of old maps. However all of this will change with the new season because Melusi will be the new Ela and she will be picked nearly at every round.

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Melusi Will Be The New Ela

When we are taking a look at overpowered operators in the history of Rainbow Six Siege, you can see a pattern. Generally 3-speed operators are considered as overpowered depending on their utility and size. For example, Ash always had a broken hitbox with 3 speed and a good weapon. So Ubisoft developers decided to nerf her weapon because her size was unfixable unless there is a rework. Melusi is checking all the boxes, she is a 3-speed operator with an amazing gadget. Also she has access to impact grenades as well as C4. Let us take a deeper look.

Rainbow Six Siege

Melusi’s gadget is called banshee and she can place 3 of them on each round. Banshee has a huge effect and unless it is destroyed it acts as a deterrent to rooms and entry points. It does affect your speed therefore also shooting capabilities. Even if there is no one in that room it does emit a sound so the enemies will know your location immediately. Her gadget is bulletproof therefore you can not shoot it and be done with it. Banshee also covers a huge area roughly half of a room. It is easy to use and very easy to master since you can put it on any surface.


 Melusi’s impacts also carry a very unique effect with this season. Since Ace the new attacker operator is a hard breached with a sequential breaching device you can just impact outside in order to destroy the charge. Impact grenades are always great especially at higher levels since they can offer you many options during a round. Also you can create fast rotation holes for your teammates and for yourself. Her C4 is also a very useful device since she can put the charge in the beginning of the round and detonate it as soon as someone is caught in the Banshee.

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As we have said before Melusi will be a very powerful character in the next season. Her gadget just like Ela can decide the winner of the round or even a match since it will cover most rooms in Rainbow Six easily. Zone defending will be easy with her.

Another good point is her weapon. Melusi is using the same SMG as Lesion in the game, which is T5SMG.  This SMG is one of the best weapons in the game on the defender side. It has a very minimal recoil with good damage. Melusi will be overpowered and we are afraid it will make the drop meta even more powerful. Imagine being in a room with a Frost Mat, Kapkan Trap, Mute jammer, Lesion Gu and a Banshee from Melusi. That room will definitely be hard to enter and you might miss one or two traps and die at the end of the round.

Melusi Gameplay by coreross

Ubisoft did not learn from their past mistakes about creating overpowered operators. Melusi does look like an identical problem just like Ela all those seasons ago. We will see what the Ubisoft will do to her. Most probably there will be minor nerfs in the PTR to her gadget but once the cat is out of the bag during the new season and the majority of players will try her, there will be a host of new problems. 

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