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5 Most Useful Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Mods

Mount and Blade series is one of the best series in video gaming history. This little company called Taleworlds Entertainment from Turkey was able to manage to turn heads of the players. The game is a unique genius, it does combine strategy elements with RPG games. Honestly, this series does not have an equal in the gaming world. Warband was a definite success for the company and after years of waiting for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord was a huge success as well. The game sold more than 2 million in the opening week and it is getting updates on a regular basis. When we are taking a look at the series we can see the real value of Mount & Blade series is coming from replayability and this is done through thousands of mods. 

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Modding in gaming is one of the best ways to enrich the experience. Most notably Skyrim has thousands of mods available and one of the reasons why it became an all-time classic. Modding is generally done by communities nowadays and they are doing a pretty good job in it to be honest. Some players prefer a different setting than the current one or some want more vivid graphics all can be done through mods. Mount & Blade series is known for being highly moddable and the developers are encouraging this. Today we are going to take a look into 5 most useful Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord mods.

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Fast Dialogue

This particular mode is great for players who do not want to deal with dialogues in the game. Bannerlord just like Warband has a dialogue feature where you can talk with the lords and commoners alike. However, it sends you into a 3D screen when you are making it. This little mod allows you to talk with them much faster. You will be able to pass the loading screens entirely and head into the battle right away with this. We can be sure that many players will want this feature in their games as a default done by the developers since some of us do not want to spend time just to enter a war. 


Auto Block

In Mount and Blade series combat is complicated since it is done with mouse movements. However, sometimes it is extremely difficult during big battles and you can get hit even if you were blocking. Autoblock removes this problem to some degree. You will still have to block however, you do not need to move your mouse to the side that you need to block. This makes it much simpler and effective. Especially during big battles players will be able to protect themselves much better with this mode. Honestly, it is extremely useful and could be a standard feature for your set of mods. 

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


One of the most interesting mods we have seen until now is definitely Screamerlord. This little mod will allow you to use voice commands in the game in order to move your troops. It does make it better in long battles even if you are far away from your troops you can adjust which voice commands that you need to position them. Also, you can use each of your squads in a similar fashion Screamerlord uses another audio client called VoiceAttack so you will have to download this as well. But if you can set it up your battles will not have button smashing all the time and it is highly useful.

Mount & Blade II
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Bannerlord Tweaks

Tired of getting very small renown from battles and earning little gold from tournaments well Bannerlord tweaks help you with that. Bannerlord Tweaks will help you adjust whatever you need in the game. It is an in-game menu feature and will allow you to tweak every value in the game without cheating. This will make your gameplay more enjoyable. When you are taking a general look sometimes it is hard to increase the experience of your troops, for example, this little tool will help you with that. It is a must-have feature in the game and it is quite easy to use. 

Mount and Blade

Cultured Start

Another mode that will make your gameplay easier by putting you wherever you want to start. In Bannerlord when you are starting a game you are immediately sent to the training grounds. The training ground is useful for first-time players but for veterans off the game, it is useless. This will allow you to start the game in one of the cities that you have chosen. After you have chosen the city you will start your game there without any interceptions from other parties for example looters or bandits. This makes the gameplay easier especially in the first couple of days. 

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